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2 years ago

Prepping for the Cold

It's October and things are cooling off quickly. The ski crowd is starting to buzz and as their anticipation of fresh powder heightens, the river temps drop and the fisherman mindset shifts to winter. Browns are spawning so watch out for the redds and ... more

2 years ago

Fall Fishing Highlights

It's officially here. Some the best fly fishing we will experience all year. The summer crowds are gone, the tubers are back to school, many fisherman are now hunting and the weather and water have cooled down. You might see a few boats and other fisherman but ... more

2 years ago

Underrated Hatches - Spruce Moths

Spruce moths are often mistaken for caddis and are rarely discussed in depth. There are a few good articles floating around about the hatch but they bugs are often overlooked and underappreciated. The moths are actually a parasite and are hard on fir and spruce trees. ... more

2 years ago

Summer Hatches are Here

It's official, summer is here, the flows are dropping and a new round of bugs are emerging on our western waters. There are a few salmonflies lingering in the bushes but downsizing is now the key to targeting trout. Hatches and exact timing vary by river but there ... more

2 years ago

Tips Fishing the High Water

  It's that time of year. The rivers are rising, turning brown and pushing snow melt through the system. Many anglers will sit back and wait for the conditions to improve but high water doesn't mean there's a lack of ... more

2 years ago

6 Great Nymphs for Spring Success

  Spring and early summer fishing means variable flows and temperature swings. You will run into good dry fly fishing and streamer fishing on certain days but nymphs are the most consistent and effective method for targeting trout. Here are a few of ... more

2 years ago

Row v Wade

  It's the old debate, row a boat or wade fish. Which is most effective? There seems to be a cult of boaters who refuse to even pull over on the river and get out to piss. Then there's a cult of hardcore ... more

2 years ago

5 Best Dry Flies for Trout

  There are tons of different patterns that can easily make this list but these are a few of our all-time top producers. They work in a variety of situations, sizes and colors. Adaptability is what makes them so effective. ... more

2 years ago

What's In Your Fly Box?

  I remember struggling to keep a single fly box stocked as a kid. I wasn't tying yet and flies were expensive. Every one counted. After 10 years of guiding, I've run into the opposite problem. I have so many flies and ... more

2 years ago

FlyWise 101

  Everything You Want. Available Instantly. Less Typing. More Fishing. Thank you for joining the ... more

2 years ago

Darkness - A Spring Guide to Fly Fishing at Night

  I'll be the first to admit, night fishing isn't for everyone. I shyed away from it for years after having a chance encounter with a homeless fellow near Reno, Nevada on my first night mission. The entire sensory experience shifts when the sun sets ... more

3 years ago

Blood Knot

The blood knot is must have for all anglers personal toolbox.  Tightlinevideo gives us a great demo: more

4 years ago

Video: How to Remove a Hook

The fine gentleman over at Gink & Gasoline demonstrate the best way to go about this. And thanks, Louis, for taking one for the team. more