FlyWise 101

2 years ago


Everything You Want. Available Instantly. Less Typing. More Fishing.

Thank you for joining the FlyWise team! The app is so simple, you probably won't need a user guide so we have simply highlighted the main features here. We have simplified the process of information gathering and compiled the most relevant data in one place.

Do you spend hours pouring through websites as you compare streamflows and weather for multiple rivers and river sections? Do you have guidebooks and maps scattered across tables and pouring out of the glovebox in your truck?

Convert those hours of research into more time on the water by instantly accessing everything you want on FlyWise. Compare flows, check weather, interact with maps, read hatch charts, check the regs and buy a license from your phone.    


Home Tab 


The home tab shows the most desired information for each river.

Already have a license and know your way around?

Skip the extras and check the flows, weather, wind and know the sunrise/sunset times instantly.

You will see the river title displayed and the specific section of river as a subtitle.

Swipe left on the screen for the next river section.

The flows and weather are specific to each section. 









Weather Tool


Planning a trip a few days in advance? Select the sun shaped tab to know what the temperature and precipitation forecast looks like for the week.

This handy forecasting tool makes it possible to find a river with ideal conditions.

Our weather stations are specific to each stream section.

No more sorting through layers of weather data on websites. 









Map Tool


Looking for boat ramps, public access and camping spots?

The mapping tool is one of a kind.

Zoom in and out, travel the river and select the pins to find access. 

Use the topography to find bends and canyons. 

Look for roads and bridges that provide sneaky access points.











Stream Facts Tool


Learn about the river and the species available through this tool.

Want to know if there are winter or summer run steelhead in a new river?

We provide the source, mouth, river length and some info to get you started on new rivers.

Scroll down and read the hatch chart to know the current insects and suggested fly patterns.












License Requirements Tool


Every state has different license requirements.

Learn about prices, special license requirements, steelhead or salmon stamps and any other legal requirements to fish in your state.

Follow the link to purchase a license through your smartphone. 

In some states, a screenshot of the license is sufficient for the game wardens.










Regulations Tool


Keeping up with the regulations is no easy task. It seems like every river has a different set of rules.

We provide the general state regulations and limits in an easy to read table.

Scroll down and you will find detailed additional regulations for each individual river.

We update changes to the regulations each calendar year.

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