Fall Fishing Highlights

2 years ago

It's officially here. Some the best fly fishing we will experience all year. The summer crowds are gone, the tubers are back to school, many fisherman are now hunting and the weather and water have cooled down. You might see a few boats and other fisherman but it's not hard to find some solitude and have the mainstem rivers to yourself again. Here are a few highlights to expect on your fall fishing trips:

1. The Streamer Bite - Our favorite thing about fall involves pounding the water with streamers. The aggressive strikes are thrilling and the bigger fish are on the prowl. They've been laying low all summer and now they want the calories before winter. You can fish from a boat or cover ground on foot. Keep on moving and hunt down a big predator.

2. Weather Swings - The weather is always shifting in the fall. You can have a beautiful sunny day or get hammered with snow. The days with a mix of sun, snow and rain are fun when you have the right clothing. Shifting weather also seems to get the fish on edge and brings out some aggression. 

3. Dry Fly Action - Don't forget your dry flies because some days are red hot on the surface. Hoppers will draw out some nice fish and you will also find pods of rising trout sipping midges, tricos and bwo's in slow water. Also consider skating a big October Caddis across your favorite river.

4. Big Fish in Random Places - You never know when or where a big brown trout will show up in the fall. Rivers that connect to lakes experience spawning migrations and resident fish will move to staging areas before the spawn. Covering enough ground with your favorite streamers and you are likely to intercept a few nice fish.

5. Cast and Blast - Look to the ground for upland birds and to the sky for migrating waterfowl. We keep a shotgun in the truck and on the boat during the fall season. You can alternate between catching trout and shooting birds on many rivers. River islands often hold pheasants and backwater sloughs are great for jumping ducks. 

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