6 Great Nymphs for Spring Success

2 years ago


Spring and early summer fishing means variable flows and temperature swings. You will run into good dry fly fishing and streamer fishing on certain days but nymphs are the most consistent and effective method for targeting trout. Here are a few of our favorite nymph patterns to keep you busy this spring.


  1. Prince Nymph – It’s always a good option but especially so during the spring months. Use a bead head to weight it down and trail it behind a big stonefly.

  2. Rainbow Scud – This fly is great on tailwaters and freestones. It’s a great fly to trail behind a heavy girdle bug and trout love it with a pink hot spot.

  3. San Juan Worm – Worms, worms and more worms. Use them in red, pink, purple and olive. Add a little flash if desired. The dirty worm is a consistent producer during the spring. It works especially well when flows spike and natural worms are washed out of eroding banks.

  4. Girdle Bug – Chenille and rubber legs make a simple but deadly combination. Traditional hackled versions like the Yuk Bug are also great as general attractors and big stonefly imitations. Wrap the hook with plenty of weight and dead drift it through deep, slow runs.

  5. Pheasant Tail – The pheasant tail is an obvious choice throughout the year but it’s especially good during March Brown hatches. A simple, bead head or standard PT Nymph is a perfect imitation for the emerging nymphs.

  6. Zebra Midge – When the temps make a sudden drop and trout become difficult, a small zebra midge will get the job done. It also doubles as a great dropper during midge hatches that have fish feeding just below the surface.

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