Zach in Patagonia: Post-Holiday Blues

4 years ago

by Zach lazzari

So I should be here, telling you tales about the glory of guiding. Long days, lots of fish...big fish, non-cancerous sunburns thanks to my new Buff and an ass that isn't sore because our new Yeti cooler seat has great padding. That is somewhere along the lines of the original intentions of this series, or so I believe it was my original intention (minus the brand hype, plus the big fish). Then again, I gave the editor my word that I was arriving several weeks in advance of my season for the explicit purposes of fishing and exploring the region, taking pictures and creating wonderful tales of the grandeur and perfectness of this place.  The latter does exist however those few December weeks of promised freedom are long gone. The staff here has spent every day except Christmas working from 9am to 9pm to prep for the season. Such is the nature of working at a remote fishing lodge. At least we snuck in a great day of fishing on Christmas.

In the last few weeks our new boats were held up by Chilean customs with us slowly sneaking each out of boxes because we need them assembled for our first group of the new year. And we will be damned if the boats aren't ready and dialed for the Wounded Warriors, a group we are especially excited to receive. And when the Customs situation came under control, the new Chilean fisheries department arrived with a new set of laws providing more paperwork and delays. It all makes sense, but the timing...good lord the timing is bad and I just want to hit the river. On a good note, we have 4 new boats saddled with brand new Yamaha motors. They are a great addition to the lodge and our time on the water is finally arriving.   


 Zach is a freelance writer, photographer and fly fishing guide from Missoula, Montana. He spends his winters guiding in Patagonia and is a featured contributor to The Journal on FlyBox. 


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