Time for Fall Fishing

2 years ago

Last week it was 90-degrees in Montana then Labor Day weekend came with rain, sleet and snow. Archery season opened for big game and fall stormed in without warning. Not a bad thing at all but our streamer boxes have a few too many gaps from spring log jams. Time to hit the vise for a few nights to stock up on the meat. As the water temps drop and fall comes into full swing, the fishing game will change. Here are a few things to consider for the coming months.

1. Big Streamers = Big Trout. That initial temperature drop lets the fish know winter isn't too far out. Time to stock up on calories. This is especially true for brown trout as they prepare to spawn. Grab your favorite color Buggers, Sex Dungeon's and Home Invaders and cover ground. Fish will migrate to spawn. Cast and step, cast and step until you intercept one.

2. Move to the Tailouts. The trout have been sucking oxygen from fast riffles and pocket water throughout August. Now they will start sliding back into slow water. Fish the seams and the pools. Also don't discount the soft, shallow water just yet either. Fish are moving around and will stop in some odd places during the fall.

3. Watch the Gravel. Eventually, the browns will jump on their spawning beds. When you see clean gravel, back off and leave them alone. You might be tempted by the easy chance at a bog fish but it's not exactly sporting. Let them spawn and move along.

4. Keep Layers Handy. The weather is changing all the time and you never know what will happen. Keep a jacket and some warm clothing on hand. It can go from sunny and nice to sleet and snow without warning in the fall. Stay dry, warm and safe when the next cold front moves in.  

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