Major FlyWise Update

1 year ago

The FlyWise mobile app is the leading resource for anglers seeking flows, regulations, maps and important data on the go. We have been working hard all winter to make this resource even better. The new front page of FlyWise features an interactive flow chart, hourly weather with sunrise/sunset and weekly mobile app

Move on the the map feature and you have access to specific river maps with access points, boat ramps and campgrounds.

Want to record your catches, conditions and photos. Keep a journal and you'll always have a reference point. This is a private journal specific to your account.

Looking for recent reports or a local shop where you can buy a license, flies and arrange for shuttles? We have local experts attached to many of our rivers. Don't see an expert on your favorite rivers? Tell your favorite fly shop to contact us.

Ever been on a stretch of river and found yourself wondering about the regulations? We have specific regulations for each state, river and stream section along with hatch charts, history and info for licenses.

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